¡Troll Zaibatsu!

by Nonhorse



Troll Zibatzu is a dance recording that I made for barcelona. i was going to travel there and hang out with a good friend, but the internet was raping my mind daily and I was chilled through and through about a world where there are huge conglomerate whose business models were just doing psy-ops and mind violence. this is of course, true, and part of lived reality, but now adays its just pretty straight forward anti human stuff, made up of non-human entities that are not people but collections of parts of peoples minds, ideology and viral language that takes over minds and sends its human puppets to kill across the world. I spend time making and listening to corrective anti brainwashing music, but you almost cant make it fast enough. blood bore was the song about genetically engineering the best dances to perform for you because all you care about is dance as an art form, and you sit there and watch dancers dance in silence and your inner monologue is all glorious grinding and your life has been spared by bone grafts. the chemist is about a really secretive street chemist with a bunker in a major city and he's an old teacher and befriends a neighborhood kid and they have an adventure and the plot is resolved with a deadly poison. Androgyn liver is about realizing that gender is a spectrum and to deeply realize inside yourself that you are both male and female and its just way more complicated than those words could ever mean and at the same time deciding to start eating only liver and loving it and acquiring superpowers and awesome friends because of it, and your friends warning at the beginning was completely wrong, and fuck what society is putting out there, really. fear of love /numbers is about how fear of numbers is essentially the same as fear of love. fear of the details of being alive.


released February 1, 2015


all rights reserved



g lucas crane

Nonhorse is a tape manipulation anti brainwashing music project that I've been doing for over a decade. As an existential crutch, nonhorse symbolizes the hollowing out of meaning that occurs with the use and manipulation of language and my desire to combat this by mixing forgotten sonics on broken unpopular deployment systems. A tape recorder is an externalized section of the human nervous system. ... more

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