Peace Ninja

by nonhorse



I grew up in nyc. I was always fascinated with the 5%'rs, the speeches they would give in public around times square, and most of all, their pamphlets. do you realize how brave, driven, passionate, urgent one has to be to get up and decry the very foundations of the society that surrounds us? how hard it is to deprogram and reprogram the self in the face of the unrelenting onslaut of corrective signals. its a fanaticism yes, and that is a grave injustice of the soul, but i can also see fanaticism in another light; if the world were truly just for all people, in a ways that humans can and have envisioned, then perhaps it wouldn't drive some of us to such extremes. it can inspire a lot of creativity, because thats the skill humans use on the world. anyway, i was thinking about these things in 2008 when I made this album


released May 12, 2008

thanks to Russ Waterhouse and the whole blue hour crew. we had some good times back then, in 2008.


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g lucas crane

Nonhorse is a tape manipulation anti brainwashing music project that I've been doing for over a decade. As an existential crutch, nonhorse symbolizes the hollowing out of meaning that occurs with the use and manipulation of language and my desire to combat this by mixing forgotten sonics on broken unpopular deployment systems. A tape recorder is an externalized section of the human nervous system. ... more

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