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Heptagonal Plateau

by G Lucas Crane



This album is about the number 7 and about seeing from the top of that number out into the cosmic ether. each idea is a solid place to stand. the samples used within this album are always in triangular relationships. each sound is one part of a triangle, whether the base or the left or right side. since the relationship of three things creates another singular thing, these relationships then can form the vertices of yet another hyper triangle when put into a relationship with either a monopod or tripod sound event. (in these cases, 3=1) each sample trades off with two other samples , taking turns being the base or one of the sides, when it shifts, another sample becomes the base. but there is yet another layer of relationships. Since 3=1, the sample triangles are themselves involved in the greater triangle of the song in question. this hyper triangle has as its vertices one other set of 3 PLUS one final monopod sample that acts as a MOVER. this sample persists as the 7th and is the heptagonal actor within the greater sound narrative of this album. there are always moving relationships between 6 sounds (two groups of 3) and the 7th Heptagonal actor (1 group of 1). the Heptagon is the 'forever moving' polygon, as the angle of its vertices are 51.33333 a decimal place that repeats and never resolves. this translates to our eyes and ears as a needling movement, a subtile fluctuation, a wrongness, a unmistakable yet uncrackable perturbation on the surface of reality. Heptagonal Plateau is my sonic exploration of this type of micro vibration, one that persists at all times and seems 'wrong', an insult to the clean and careful story of our reality told after the fact. our need for simplicity and narrative happens always in the past, and stretches into our present from a future time in which we are to dumb it down for narrative simplicity. Fuck that. the world is weird and we must lead with our ears. our ears tell time better than our eyes ever could, for our eyes are always begging to be tricked, like a baby that doesn't want the peek-a-boo game to ever end. one is one. two is two. three is one again.


released November 11, 2019

Heptagonal Plateau comes out of several recording sessions I perpetrated with Carlos Hernandez in the Gravesend studios at the Silent Barn in Brooklyn NY in 2017 and 2018. These recordings were spun out live to a direct stereo track and simultaneously married with another stereo track pumped into the room through the PA for some more liveness sensation. I worked on the mixing over 2019 in Berlin when I lived in the Schillerkiez on the ground floor, in the ARGH gallery. a big thanks to everyone involved with silent barn for lending their sonic ephemera to this work, which is crammed with a little sonic mote of everything i did. i was always recording, and a put the sound granules into a sieve of tapes for this.


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g lucas crane

Nonhorse is a tape manipulation anti brainwashing music project that I've been doing for over a decade. As an existential crutch, nonhorse symbolizes the hollowing out of meaning that occurs with the use and manipulation of language and my desire to combat this by mixing forgotten sonics on broken unpopular deployment systems. A tape recorder is an externalized section of the human nervous system. ... more

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