Nova Crimes

by Nonhorse

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Ok, ok,ok alright alright alright, yes YES this one was my straight up Burroughs homage. doesn't every collagist have to? I was a literature student at college and actually did my thesis on Foucault and Burroughs, and this lead me to making weird tape cut-ups, which then basically changed and informed my art and its trajectory. So while all of my work is heavily influenced by the reality warping and anti control theories performed in Burroughs fiction, this tape was me just straight up doing a lil routine for the old fucker. everyone tries and horribly fails to do it Bill Lee Justice, and i'm more interested in the rhythms and operation and theories of his fiction than his rather corpse like privileged life and history of holy veneration, but the tone of gumshoe sci-fi sex horror that permeates his world are pretty interesting mirrors of reality such as it is. So i'm having fun here. sorry i'm not sorry.


released November 12, 2014

Green Age Records 015


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g lucas crane

Nonhorse is a tape manipulation anti brainwashing music project that I've been doing for over a decade. As an existential crutch, nonhorse symbolizes the hollowing out of meaning that occurs with the use and manipulation of language and my desire to combat this by mixing forgotten sonics on broken unpopular deployment systems. A tape recorder is an externalized section of the human nervous system. ... more

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